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Peer Mediation

Skills for life in school and beyond

Peer Mediation is a process whereby children and young people, following suitable training from a qualified mediator, and with ongoing support, are capable of resolving conflicts themselves. Peer Mediation focuses on needs, not blame.

The theoretical basis for Peer Mediation affirms that by using such a restorative approach to dealing with conflict, schools can be transformed with varied and widespread positive observations reported:

Having worked with CRESST in Sheffield, who have successfully trained over 3500 children in over 60 schools, I am now delighted to offer training to schools in the South West. I am able to tailor both conflict resolution and Peer Mediation programmes to the needs of the particular school. Having identified the needs for conflict resolution education, I can help to promote the benefits and evaluate the results.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further details. I would be delighted to meet at your convenience to discuss the benefits in person.